Links list - 2022-10-20

Hello, and welcome to a new edition of Links lists!

Tech articles

Hexagonal architecture

The “hexagonal architecture”, also called “ports and adapter”, is not particularly new. It still is a very good way of designing your applications and comes with real benefits. Here is a really good introduction to the topic.

Hexagonal Architecture: Three Principles and an Implementation Example - OCTO Talks !

Documented in 2005 by Alistair Cockburn, Hexagonal Architecture is a software architecture that has many advantages and has seen renewed interest since 2015. The original intent of Hexagonal Architecture is: Allow an application to equally be driven by users, programs, automated test or batch script…

Java and project Panama

As discussed in my future of java series, a part of project Panama is related to replace JNI with the new Foreign Function & Memory API. The following article is a good introduction to these new APIs.

Introduction to Project Panama. Part 1:

This article introduces the Foreign Function & Memory API using a simple Java-based

Airbnb architectural evolution

An interesting talk about the evolution of Airbnb’s architecture, from a monolith to microservices. In particular, I have found the discussion about the pains of creating so many microservices so fast, and the solutions that were adopted, very interesting.

The Human Side of Airbnb’s Microservice Architecture

Jessica Tai discusses lessons learned by Airbnb from its migration to microservices, covering cross-team collaboration strategies, designing observability access control, and planning for unified APIs.

Hacking Kubernetes via Prometheus

A super cool talk about how to use an exposed Prometheus to hack a Kubernetes cluster. I am not a security expert, and I am always super impressed with the amount of creativity that goes into attacking systems.

How Attackers Use Exposed Prometheus Server to Exploit Kubernetes Clusters – Sysdig

Kubernetes and Prometheus advise problems with exposing your data to the world, but regardless, exposed Prometheus are still widespread.

Fun stuff

How not to solve NullPointerException

A fun tale about how you should not solve NullPointerException. I had a good laugh reading this. 🙂

The Codeless Code: Case 115 Pain

An illustrated collection of (sometimes violent) fables, concerning the Art and Philosophy of software development