Links list - 2022-06-25

Hello, and welcome to a new edition of Links lists!


Kubernetes and the OOM killer

A couple of links related to my latest post, on the Kubernetes OOM killer.

How to Troubleshoot Kubernetes OOM and CPU Throttle – Sysdig

Managing Kubernetes OOM can be a challenge. In this article, we will help you to detect common issues related to the resource usage and set fair quotas.

How to Fix OOMKilled Kubernetes Error (Exit Code 137) | Komodor

OOMKilled (exit code 137) occur when K8s pods are killed because they use more memory than their limits. Learn how to resolve the error.

Converting floats to integer

A deep dive about converting floats to integer in the fastest way possible. Integeresting read, especially if you aren’t familiar about how floats work.

Converting Integers to Floats Using Hyperfocus

A few years ago, due to some random chain of events, I ended up implementing a conversion from 128 bit integers to 64 bit floats. This would’ve turned out to be a complete waste of time, except that my final version is faster than the builtin conversion of every compiler I tested. In this blog post,…

Why are there /bin and /usr/bin?

If you ever wondered why there are both a /bin and /usr/bin, here’s an explanation. In short: historical accident, like many things in computing!

Postgres and vacuum wraparound

In my Postgres and MVCC post, I talked about how transaction ids work in Postgres, and the necessity of the vacuum process. Here are some more details about the process.

Overcoming VACUUM WRAPAROUND - Percona Database Performance Blog

Transaction ID Wraparound occurs when the VACUUM process cannot keep up with database activity and the PostgreSQL service is forced to shut down.

Non coding

Bananas are radioactive

From the absurd and funny what-if: did you know bananas are radioactive?! 😂

Hot Banana

I heard that bananas are radioactive. If they are radioactive, then they radiate energy. How many bananas would you need to power a house?