Links list - 2022-05-22

Hello, and welcome to a new edition of Links lists! Rust and some history this week!


Rust in the kernel

Many people are advocating for integrating Rust in the Linux kernel, which is written (mostly) in C and assembler.

Rust is famous for its memory safety guarantees, which is why many people find that it could have a place for writing kernels and drivers. In particular, Google has setup a public prototype and has an interesting post on a sample driver written in Rust. Here are a couple of links.

Things Are Getting Rusty in Kernel Land

There is gathering momentum around the idea of adding Rust to the Linux kernel. Why exactly is that a big deal, and what does this mean for the rest of us? The Linux kernel has been just C and asse…

Rust in the Linux Kernel

Posted by Wedson Almeida Filho, Android Team In our previous post , we announced that Android now supports the Rust programming language…

Also, if you wanna have fun, look up what Linus Torvalds thinks of C++! Here’s the original email, written in the usual polite and calm tone Torvalds is famous for! :-)

Indexes in Postgres

A quick, but good introduction about the various kinds of indexes in PostgreSQL.

Mastering Postgres Indexes in 10 Minutes · JustWatch Blog

A look at B-Tree, Hash, GIN, GiST, BRIN indexes and focusing on demystifying them

History of containers

An old (2015), but interesting history about the origin of containers from Red Hat.

The History of Containers

Given the recent massive spike in interest in Linux Containers, you could be forgiven for wondering, “Why now?”. It has been argued that the increasingly prevalent cloud computing model more closely resembles hosting providers than traditional enterprise IT, and that containers are a perfect match f…



A long, rather opinionated, but very interesting article I’ve read recently about the history of plastic.

How Plastic Liberated and Entombed Us - Common Reader

The First Nations taught us the fun of chomping on sweetened tree resin. So what did we do? We replaced it with a synthetic gum made of butyl rubber, paraffin, petroleum wax, polyethylene, polyisobutylene, and polyvinyl acetate. Now, in the first ten years of this millennium, we have manufactured mo…