Links list - 2022-04-19

Hello, and welcome to a new edition of Links lists! No strict “coding” this week, but a few interesting articles about infrastructure and networking.


The value of simulating systems

An interesting article about building simulators, for validating your hypothesis and beliefes. Not something that I have seen discussed often, or indeed thought of doing myself. But it seems like a very promising idea, worth exploring!

Simple Simulations for System Builders - Marc’s Blog

Even the most basic numerical methods can lead to surprising insights.

Networking and routers

An interesting article about how routers work. Assumes you know the OSI model layers.

How Do Routers Work, Really?

An accessible overview of how exactly a router works, with code examples.


Design basics for developers

If you do a bit of frontend, sometimes you are lucky and you have a designer who gave you a complete design system and mock-ups for every page. Sometimes, however, you don’t. Knowing at least some of the basics of designing can be very useful! This is a very good introduction on the theme.

Design for Developers: Specific Steps to Improve Your Website Design

I’ve noticed a lot of web developers struggle with design; they think they don’t have a natural talent for design and knowing what looks…

A beautiful website

An explanation of the gorgeous and probably overly complex design of

Design of This Website

Meta page describing site implementation and experiments for better ‘structural reading’ of hypertext; technical decisions using Markdown and static hosting.

Non coding

A strange artist

This is the story of a very strange artist, whose life’s work is creating nonsensical art.

The Weirdest Book in the World Just Turned 40. We Talked to Its Creator.

Italian artist Luigi Serafini gives us a look inside the 40th anniversary edition of his beautifully bizarre Codex Seraphinianus.