Links list - 2022-04-12

I’m going to try and start a new kind of periodic post: links lists! I am going to keep track of interesting articles I find, and link to them here, hopefully once a week. It’s something I’ve seen some bloggers do, and I quite enjoy reading this sort of posts.

So, without further ado, here is the first edition of my new Links List!


Local development

Two interesting articles that propose using a real cloud environment when developing rather than locally run services, especially for serverless applications. Before reading them, my opinion was that this seemed like something still far off in the future, for speed and ease of development. However, these two articles raise some valid points and, while I’m not yet entirely convinced, it’s something I will consider in the future.

Why Local Development for Serverless Is an Anti-Pattern

Developing locally when building a serverless application is not only tiresome and hard to do its actually bad for you

Developing Against the Cloud

Stop emulating, start developing with real cloud services - 5 minutes

Technical debt gone wrong

A story about how Apple Music files reserve half a megabyte each to allocate space for the artwork… which is then stored in another file!

The 0,5 MB of Nothing in All Apple Music Files

Six percentage of each music files you’ve bought from Apple Music (iTunes Store) contain, literally, nothing. Why is Apple padding their music with zero-bytes?

Build tools

I appreciate the fact that, with Maven, I can open a new project and immediately know the code layout and how to build it. I have tried Gradle a few years ago, and honestly found it too flexible… and also pretty slow at the time. Still, the various performance improvements over the years seem to have helped, according to Spring.

Migrating Spring Boot’s Build to Gradle

We made a fairly significant change to Spring Boot in 2.3.0.M1. It was the first release of the project to be built with Gradle rather than Maven. A thread on Twitter about the migration had a number of people asking why we…


A cool feature of Postgres and SQL Server that can help clarify why an index exists and why it includes certain columns. Pretty useful.

Index INCLUDE Clause: How It Works and When to Use It

The INCLUDE clause for CREATE INDEX is available in some SQL databases: Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and IBM Db2 (LUW)


I finally replaced my aging iPad and bought a new, shiny iPad Air with M1. I agree with all the reviews: it is incredibly light and fast. Also, I went from an old 10’’ iPad to this 10.9’’, and I greatly appreciate the larger screen size!

2022 IPad Air Review: M1, Other Tablets 0

Apple’s new Air looks familiar, but it’s blazing fast thanks to the M1.