Links list - 2022-08-28

Hello, and welcome to a new edition of Links lists!

Tech articles

Upgrading version of Java at scale

LinkedIn runs a lot of Java - over one thousand applications! It makes sense, though, to allow them to make use of the various GC performance improvements that have been made between Java 8 and 11 (and again in Java 17). However, updating such a large code base is bound to take some time. The linked article details the various migration steps, and some of the performance benefits that they have obtained, increasing throughput and decreasing latency.

LinkedIn’s Journey to Java 11

Introduction At LinkedIn, we are committed to deliver a best-in-class platform experience for our members. One of the technologies that we use to do that is Java, an object-oriented programming language that produces software for multiple platforms. We are a huge consumer of Java, running over 1000…

Java GC performances progress

As mentioned above, the garbage collector in Java is still being innovated - multiple algorithms now exist, for multiple use cases. This article details some of the improvements. Spoiler: they are really impressive!

GC Progress From JDK 8 to JDK 17

JDK 17 has been out for a few months and it’s not just packed with new language features. The performance boost compared to older JDK versions is also really significant. It becomes especially clear when compared to the previous LTS releases, JDK 8 and JDK 11. Much of the improved performance comes…

Generic auditing of tables' modification in PostgreSQL

A super interesting article about how to implement an auditing system, that tracks all modifications to a certain set of tables, with a very limited amount of PostgreSQL code. Very simple and effective approach!

Postgres Auditing in 150 Lines of SQL

PostgreSQL has a robust set of features which we can leverage to create a generic auditing solution in 150 lines of SQL.

A brief history of CSS

CSS has a super complicated history, that ties in the origin history of the web and browsers. Here is a fun explanation of why body has a default margin of 8px. 🙂

Body Margin 8px

The origin story for a style no one wants

Non tech

Lots of people live in Asia

I have found this crazy image, that really shows the incredible amount of population in Asia, and in particular between China, India, and the south-east part of Asia.